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Photo Booths

Quick memo to anyone planning a wedding: YOU DON’T NEED A PHOTO BOOTH. Photo booths were fun when the whole idea of instant photography was a novelty. Remember when you were excited about Polaroids? Yeah, THAT’S when a photobooth would have been a cool wedding idea. But today, we all carry perfectly pocket-sized photo booths with us everywhere we go. Oh yeah, and they’re also phones, TVs, and portals to the internet too.

These days, photo booths at a wedding are nothing more than friendship-proving chambers. And there is NOTHING more annoying than that person at a wedding who needs to get a photo booth pic with everyone, just to prove they were there. It’s your wedding. People should be paying attention to you, not worrying about getting pictures of themselves with people they barely know wearing fake mustaches and big sunglasses.


Also, I’m sure you paid a real photographer to get gorgeous photos of you and your guests throughout the night. So why do you feel the need to pay “FunBooths R Us” MORE money so you can get badly lit pictures of people either kissing or making stupid faces? I know it’s “fun for your guests,” but this isn’t a county fair. It’s a WEDDING. What’s next, a dunk booth? Ring toss?

There are plenty of less distracting, less overpriced ways to involve your guests in the documentation of your special day. Put disposable cameras at every table, and then the photos can be a fun surprise when you get them developed. Or have your guests do a “photo scavenger hunt,” uploading photos like the “best kiss” and the “best rug-cutting” of the night. And if you absolutely can’t resist a photobooth, why not cut a hole in a refrigerator box and pay your 13-year-old cousin 50 bucks to take iPhone photos? At least it’ll keep him off the dance floor for awhile.



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